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3 Tips to Stay Motivated

3 Tips to Stay Motivated at Work

1- Write down your dreams

You should write your dreams and goals on a regular basis and display your objectives where you can always see them. Do not write down what you think you can achieve, or what seems possible under your current situation… Instead, write down what you would truly love to achieve, no matter how big it may seem to you right now. This help you to keep the eye on the prize, maintain focus, and avoid distractions that make their way into your journey.

2- Choose an inspiring environment

Your work space has to inspire you. Having a good natural light source is important and work at a comfortable temperature too. Avoid distractions like music, TV or e-mail inbox notifications. Clean your work space regularly to stay focus on your tasks. You can surround yourself with few photos, artwork or plants and pattern your work environment as you would love it to be. This is where you spend most of your time, so make sure your work space affects you positively.

3- Clean once a week minimum

Having to find something is not productive. It takes up valuable time, along with making you feel frustrated. Get some baskets or drawers to organize your space. Clean your house and your work space minimum once a week to keep the mess and dirt out of your life to keep consistently motivated. Make a commitment to yourself by scheduling a cleaning session per week. Clean before the weekend is a good way to go back to work in good working conditions the week after.

What tips and tricks do you use to stay motivated at work? I would love to hear your tips or experience in the comments below.

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